Neutrogena harnesses 'super spice' turmeric in new skin care line

Published: 3-Feb-2020

The Clear & Soothe range contains the ingredient, which is said to be anti-inflammatory and healing

Neutrogena is tapping into the ‘super spice’ turmeric, hailed for its medicinal and soothing skin benefits.

Blurring the lines between health and beauty, the Clear & Soothe range is said to be one of the first to harness turmeric’s wellbeing properties for skin care.

The non-staining bright yellow ingredient is included in the brand’s Mousse Cleanser, Jelly Micellar Make-Up Remover, Toning Mist and Moisturiser (£5.99 each).

Neutrogena skin care expert, Rebecca Bennett, said: “Life on-the-go has its ups and downs, all of which reflect in your appearance and complexion.

"The Neutrogena Clear & Soothe range was developed with dermatologists to harness the benefits of turmeric and combat everyday stresses that take their toll on our skin.

"The healing powers of turmeric have long been recognised for their restorative qualities, making our collection suitable for all skin types, and not just those with breakout skin.”

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