New hair care study shows an effective alternative to synthetic emollients


A new haircare study shows that Lipex L’sens and Lipex SheaLight offer an effective sustainable alternative to synthetic emollients in rinse-off conditioning treatments.

The study was carried out by the proDERM Institute for Applied Dermatological Research in Hamburg and results confirm that the two Lipex emollients, alone and in combination, outperform both placebo and synthetic benchmarks in wet combing force reduction.

Standardised conditioning formulations with 3% added emollient were tested against a placebo (no emollient added). The type of emollient was varied, namely dimethicone, mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum), Lipex L’sens, Lipex SheaLight and a 1:1 mix of the two Lipex emollients.

Instrumental measurements were taken at baseline and post-treatment to evaluate wet combing force reduction on human hair tresses. As shown in the chart below, formulas with the Lipex emollients consistently performed better than placebo and those containing dimethicone or mineral oil. When used together, the two Lipex ingredients ensure optimal deposit of high and low viscosity polar lipids on individual hair strands, thereby:

  • improving lubrication and mimicking the hair’s natural protection mechanism to aid detangling
  • minimising the interaction of individual hair strands by reducing friction, leading to easier hair movement.

“This latest study reiterates the efficacy of our Lipex ingredients in providing effective conditioning benefits in haircare formulations. As well as being highly stable, mild and aesthetically pleasing, they answer the growing demand for sustainable alternatives that offer a caring experience all round.” - Jari Alander, Technical Director, AAK Personal Care

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