New test on Antarcticine marine ingredient


Efficacy against cold weather and wrinkles

Efficacy against cold weather and wrinkles

The latest in vivo study carried by Lipotec on ANTARCTICINE marine ingredient confirmed the active’s ability to counteract the effects of extreme weather on the skin.

This biotechnological ingredient with cryoprotective properties shields and regenerates the skin as well as reduces wrinkles for a firm and young complexion.

In the new efficacy assessment, the volunteers with signs of dry skin and wrinkles were asked to spend 1 hour a day outdoors in cold weather conditions. During 30 days, they applied a cream with 1% of ANTARCTICINE marine ingredient C on one side of the face and a placebo on the other, twice a day.

The participants experienced a significant increase in moisturisation already after one week, reaching a 13.5% after 15 days. The Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) level decreased by 12.1% after 15 days and up to 14.7% after 30 days. The red complexion, a very common result of the skin being exposed to cold, was reduced significantly in all the measurements, and a more toned and compact skin appearance was observed.

In addition, the skin showed smoother at the end of the treatment as both wrinkle depth and volume decreased by 10.6% and 9.3% respectively. This new data reinforces ANTARCTICINE marine ingredient’s capacity to protect and rejuvenate the skin exposed to severe cold conditions.

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Antarcticine marine ingredient visibly reduces wrinkles

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