New test on Pollushield functional ingredient

Eased particles removal for a glower looking skin

New test on POLLUSHIELD functional ingredient: Eased particles removal for a glower looking skin

Being in direct contact with air and water pollutants, the skin is our first line of defence against the harmful elements in the environment. POLLUSHIELD functional ingredient provides a barrier between the skin and pollutants as well as boosts its anti-oxidative defence.

A new in vivo study performed on this ingredient also demonstrated its efficacy in easing the removal of Microparticles from skin surface. A panel of 21 female volunteers between 21 and 45 years old applied to forearm skin a cream containing 5% POLLUSHIELD functional ingredient and left another area without application. After 20 minutes, Microparticles modelling atmospheric pollution were applied and at the end rinsed with water. Microparticles deposited on the skin surface before and after rinsing were measured, observing 20,2% less particles remaining on the treated skin with visually cleaner skin surface.

Images of the skin surface with dark pollution particles.

This additional study reinforces POLLUSHIELD functional ingredient’s anti-pollution capacity as it offers comprehensive skin protection against the damage induced by environmental contaminants.

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