New tests support antioxidant LIPOCHROMAN'S triple protective effect


LIPOCHROMAN molecule proven to have antioxidant action and to detoxify

One of the most serious threats for human health nowadays comes from the exposure to a great amount of different chemical substances.

The number of chemicals synthesised and used in modern society has grown in the past decades, reaching extremely high levels. These substances are foreign to the organism and are collectively known as xenobiotics.

Modern lifestyle not only involves exposure to thousands of foreign substances but also the production of reactive species within the body itself.

These substances, very stable and difficult to eliminate, can accumulate in the body over time causing allergies, inflammation and accelerating external signs of ageing.

LIPOCHROMAN molecule was designed to capture both types of free radicals -RNS and ROS- coming from environmental elements thus protecting cells from damage.

Recently, new assays performed on the ingredient have demonstrated a triple protective effect from the reactive species by also capturing RCS, as well as its antioxidative capacity and detox potential.

In vitro, damage by RCS to cellular proteins was inhibited and skin cells were protected from the genotoxic effect of pollutants.

A clinical test was also performed on female volunteers of 33-57 years old that applied a cream with 0.05% active ingredient on half face and a placebo cream on the other half, twice a day for 28 days.

The antioxidative capacity of the skin increased significantly by 21.3% in 14 days and by 36.7% in 28 days.

Bio-inspired antioxidant, LIPOCHROMAN molecule can assist cells in the elimination of xenobiotics and free radicals coming from both the environment and inner body, thus protecting biomolecules and cellular functions from the damage caused by oxidative stress.

A comprehensive solution to fight and prevent premature skin ageing.

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*LIPOCHROMAN is a registered trademark ingredient of Lipotec

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