Nip + Fab tackles blemishes and breakouts with salicylic acid range


The range includes a facial scrub, serum and tonic

Nip + Fab tackles blemishes and breakouts with salicylic acid range

Salicylic FIX Concentrate Extreme, 2%:

Powerful purifying potency with 2% salicylic acid. A purifying salicylic booster that uses an effective combination of purifying and skin conditioning ingredients to increase skin turnover, targeting the causes of blemishes and breakouts.

Salicylic FIX Facial Scrub:

A deeply purifying, exfoliating scrub infused with lotus flower and salicylic acid to effectively cleanse, exfoliate and renew the skin. Can be used as a treatment for acne breakouts.

Salicylic FIX Serum:

A purifying blend of blemish fighting actives that effectively cleanse congested skin types to reveal a glowing, flawless looking complexion.

XXL Salicylic FIX Tonic Extreme, 2%:

The XXL Salicylic Fix Tonic Extreme is a skin renewing tonic infused with a powerful blend of breakout fighting actives to effectively purify the skin containing 2% Salicylic Acid.

Calling all breakout sufferers, this is the tonic for you to keep breakouts at bay, or to treat existing concerns. After cleansing in the evening, gently sweep over entire face and neck with a cotton pad. Apply as a specialist treatment 2-3 times a week.

Salicylic FIX Gel Cleanser:

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A foaming salicylic jelly facial wash infused with vitamin E to cleanse congested skin without stripping or drying. Skin is left exfoliated, pores unclogged and hydrated.