Non-animal testing lab XCellR8 wins government grant to launch new project

Published: 20-Sep-2017

Project aims to improve human safety predictions for consumer products and eliminate reliance on historical animal test data

XCellR8, the UK laboratory dedicated to non-animal testing in the cosmetics sector, has been awarded a grant by the UK’s innovation agency.

The investment from Innovate UK means that XCellR8 has been able to launch a new collaborative project with dermatological testing organisation Cutest.

The project aims to develop methods to predict when a consumer will suffer irritation as a result of topical products and ingredients.

It also aims to eliminate the need to rely on historical animal test data by establishing reliable links between in vitro and in vivo tests.

Dr Carol Treasure, Founder and Managing Director of XCellR8, said: “Many of our clients have expressed frustration with the unreliability of existing animal test data and its lack of relevance for humans.

“This grant will allow companies to take a leap forward in accurately establishing how ingredients may or may not irritate the skin prior to human volunteer trials, thus speeding up the process of bringing products to market.”

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