Nurturing sustainability at Dr. Hauschka


Ralf Kunert, Head of Global Sourcing, tells CNW about the brand's sustainability projects

German cosmetics brand Dr. Hauschka continues to drive ahead with its commitment to sustainability. This year the brand’s project in Ethiopia reached a milestone: after supplying rose cuttings to farmer Fekade Lakew seven years ago, the cuttings have now turned into Damask rose bushes, from which Lakew recently distilled his first batch of essential rose oil – marking the first rose oil production in sub-Saharan Africa that is transitioning to organic standards.

Can you tell us a bit more about the history of the project?

The history of the Ethiopian project started in 2005 with trials of rose plantations. The aim was to learn whether damask roses can grow close to the Equator. The assumption was that the harvesting period – normally 3-4 weeks – would be expanded. This assumption was proved, but we also learned a second, smaller harvest was possible in autumn. We decided to start a cultivation project, with the support of BMZ (German Ministry of Cooperation). Today we are in small scale production, but we will increase rose production and other biodynamic crops with Lakew in the future.


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