OPM announces new controlled printing and finishing facilities

Published: 6-Jan-2021

We are delighted to announce the installation of a Controlled Environment Facility at our Leeds site

OPM have a relentless focus on printing technology innovation, we remain as committed as ever to growth through investing in world class technologies.

OPM Group is one of Europe’s foremost specialist self-adhesive label printers and converters of medium / short run flexible packaging print serving global brands across health care and pharma and beauty and cosmetic sectors. OPM printed products are behind many familiar brands found on retailer shelves across Europe and beyond.

To meet the increasing demand for products produced in controlled/critical environments, OPM have installed a fully enclosed, segregated and controlled print facility.

This provides an environment where the air quality, temperature and humidity are highly regulated, protecting sensitive equipment and customer materials from possible sources of contamination such as dust, pathogens, and other impurities.

The addition of the new facility enables OPM to further support our clients by printing products that may be destined for high-risk consumer groups in a controlled environment.

Having a separate print and finishing controlled room will allow more stringent Pharma GMP procedures to be followed during the manufacturing process whilst the remainder of the site continues to maintain its already excellent audited standards.

Through this new facility, OPM can ensure their customers receive products that meet the stringent quality standards they require, especially important within the healthcare, pharma, and beauty markets.

Materials can be printed, finished, and packaged within this protective environment. The integrity of the room is maintained through regular attention to cleaning, maintenance, and microbiological monitoring programmes.

OPM Employees working in the controlled environment are provided with appropriate clothing and follow specific work procedures.


  • Controlled manufacturing environment
  • Controlled packaging environment
  • Contaminant free products
  • Reproducibility of product quality
  • Increased product confidence
  • Fire Rated Enclosure
  • Sustainable enclosure – manufactured from 85% recycled materials.

OPM’s Operation Director, Steve Walker said of the new a Controlled Environment Facility: “OPM is mindful of our customers’ growing needs and we are thrilled to be able to increase our capacity to better serve these industries.

In addition, we are very proud of the additional 6 jobs OPM’s recent expansion has created.

OPM worked with Prodek Design and Storage Systems Ltd to create the controlled environment facility. Prodek has over 20 years experience, capabilities and product range to provide innovative, effective solutions for environment and clean room projects.

All that is left to do is get in touch with OPM to bring your labels and flexible packaging to life. Our team of experts can help you navigate our full range of printed solutions.

Should you wish to discuss your high-risk products needs with us, Contact us today - sales @opmgroup.co.u

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