OPM talks new print and packaging ideas for beauty in 2019

Published: 7-Dec-2018

The face of Beauty has changed significantly over the past decade, not only with the rise of e-commerce sales, but also in the variety of retail outlets that sell beauty product. This has been driven by consumer demands for effective and unique products that are available at all price points.

As a result, products have to stand out in the sea of brands crowding every retail channel, be it High street, Online Retail, TV or catalogue.

OPM has seen an increase in single dose sachets in beauty and new ideas like patch technology that's used in pharma for transdermal drug delivery and applied it to skin care. Todays products must multitask, e.g. products that perform skin care and uv barrier or are Unisex products appealing to all.

Developing a new product now means thinking how to reach your audience faster and deliver various streams of information to a variety of audiences to meet a number of tasks legislative as well as multi lingual. The packaging also needs to match with the brand's identity to tell a convincing story to today's consumer. The ever growing requirements have led OPM to introduce innovative value-added features incorporated into labels and packaging that we hope will speak to beauty producers and their consumers.

The new - Multi Dex Label

OPM has developed the Multi Dex Label – This is a Multi-layered, Multi Indexed, Multi Substrate, Multi coloured, Peel and Read Label. This enables our client's brands to maintain eye catching shelf appeal using colour on multi layers while providing a functional label that provides extra space for brand information.

How does it work?

The Multi DEX is made up of multiple adhesive layers. It is connected by a hinge that can be placed anywhere on the label and peeled up to reveal additional printed layers underneath.

Both sides of the label can be indexed and peeled back independently, doubling the number of indexes available. The top layers use unique adhesive that allows the indexed layers to peel back, read the additional info underneath, and seal it up again easily, again and again.

Functional, direct access

The individual layers are organised in an index format that makes the layers easy to peel back for all users with a larger peel back tab.

The extra layers make adding extra information easy – additional languages can be individually peeled back all identified simply in an index format. Pharma products can add patient usage guides, Brand owners can add, nutrition information, regulatory information, recycling instructions, additional product information, and company information.

For security, tamper evidence , consumer interaction

The Multi Dex offers a true reveal function - the ability to die-cut within the multi-layer label structure as a way of showing tamper evidence or and product authenticity.

For marketing we can add dry peel vouchers or coupons between layers, or additional labels that can be used as - customer reply labels, dual-purpose medical form labels for patient records or QR codes that can be used by the end user for stock scanning etc.

For Beauty we can add colour patches for different products in the range. Hair care labels can incorporate patch test products data , the solutions that could be added all in your label are endless.

OPM talks new print and packaging ideas for beauty in 2019

Decoration and tactile

The labels can be decorative using hot or cold foiling. Functionality can also be added using screen for braille or warning tactile triangles. Multi dex labels are available in many shapes and sizes. Printed in up to ten colours. They are easily machine applied and the perfect answer to adding space to the label when the size of the product container cannot be enlarged.

The new label can utilise different materials brought together in different layers. This enables us to control the final label thickness and weight. The materials also ensure that the label will have curl resistance that can occur on shaped and cylindrical containers.

The possibilities are endless –the form and function of the index system produce a perfect experience for the end user.

Our products are as individual as the needs of our customers. Therefore we direct our production skills and know-how towards providing tailored solutions. Your requirements are our incentive to find the best solution with you!

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