Olaplex inventor re-enters hair care market with Epres brand launch

By Alessandro Carrara | 6-Oct-2022

The scientist behind Olaplex has launched new bond-building hair care range Epres, with both at-home and professional format treatments

Eric Pressly, the inventor and scientist behind Olaplex, has re-entered the hair care market with his new brand Epres.

Two “science-based treatments”, available both in an at-home and professional format, are available to purchase from epres.com for US$48 and $79 respectively.

The Professional Bond Repair has been designed for salon professionals, and works as a single-step solution to rebond hair structure without lowering the overall pH.

For users at home, the Bond Repair Treatment Kit comes with a spray bottle and two water-free concentrate vials. 

Its formula works to re-bond the hair's structure, which aims to soften and strengthen.

"Epres is the future of hair care, specifically formulated for both professionals and consumers,” said Pressly.

“Whenever I am innovating, it is always essential that my products can be trusted for their professional-grade formulas and that they truly deliver on the promised benefits and results.”

Pressly added that the patent-pending formulas for each product contain just four ingredients and work to deliver professional-grade results for all hair types.

‘Biodiffusion’ technology also features, which is said to repair hair even after it has dried.

“That is why I wanted to re-enter the hair care space and continue to create products that are as accessible and easy-to-use as they are innovative,” added Pressly.

Pressly has a PHD in materials science and has worked on everything from pharmaceuticals to the bond-building category in hair care. 

In July 2014, he helped launch Olaplex and its bond multiplying technology with Dean Christal, the company’s CEO. 

The product gives hairdressers the ability to repair damaged hair while being able to “push the envelope” on their chemical services. 

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