One Team - One Dream, Colep and the One Asia Network


“A new ultimate Aerosol Global Supply Network”

“A new ultimate Aerosol Global Supply Network”

Colep, with headquarters in Europe and the One Asia Network, an alliance of three companies (Daizo Corporation of Japan, with operations in Japan, Thailand and China, Pax Australia and Asian Aerosols of India), are proud to declare the creation of a global supply network, through the establishment of a Manufacturing and Technology Agreement, which will cover the whole of their respective organisations and thereby give supply coverage from Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, India, Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

Speaking about the agreement, Vitor Neves (CEO, Colep) said “the Alliance we are now announcing is materialised in a Manufacturing & Technology Agreement, under which the parties will work together in Innovation, Research & Development, Quality, Operations and Safety, with the aim of delivering superior, faster and streamlined global solutions to our customers.”

Speaking on behalf of the One Asia Network, Nobuyuki Minami (President, Daizo Corporation of Japan) stated that “through this Alliance, we are now ready to support our customers on a global basis. This is a major step forward in supporting our customers in the implementation of their projects…Bringing innovation to the world.”

This Alliance, which does not involve any cross shareholding participation, comes as a result of both the encouragement of their customers, and the ever-pressing need to drive global innovation, that can be effectively transferred around the world, with ease and efficiency, delivering superior value to customers.

Colep and One Asia will work together to bring considerable expertise, knowledge and leverage to a worldwide customer base, by creating a truly global network to serve ever-changing customer demands and environments.

The manufacturing aspect of this agreement will include sharing of best practice in areas of; safety, manufacturing knowhow and the most efficient practices.

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Technology exchanges will encompass both formulation and packaging developments, the sharing of aerosol science and technology, and the bringing together of creative dispensing solutions.