Online video campaigns engage male shoppers

Published: 16-Oct-2013

Brands are using online video to build their male audience

Women have long been the target audience for personal care ads but just as men have become a more dominant buying force in the fashion world, so too has their demand grown in personal care, according to L2 in its new Digital IQ Index: Personal Care report. The analyst found that brands are taking advantage of one specific platform – online video – to build their male audience. “

We identified six of the most successful male targeted online video campaigns from the 72 brands included in our report and stacked them up against one another,” said L2 analyst Johanna Cox.

Nivea’s (Beiersdorf) ‘Silence the Irritation’ campaign, launched in May, included a six episode comedy series called Just Face It, which to date has accumulated more than three million views. Meanwhile, in the lead up to the Man of Steel premiere, Gillette launched the ‘How Does He Shave?’ campaign on its YouTube channel featuring four videos speculating about how Superman might shave. However, the outright leader in the sector remains Old Spice with its ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ videos featuring sports star Isaiah Mustafa, with a total of 260 million views.

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