PETA funds non-animal skin allergy test

Published: 22-Jun-2011

CeeTox Inc to begin first charity-funded validation study

In the first move of its kind by a charity, PETA will fund US company CeeTox Inc to begin formal validation of a non-animal skin allergy test. The animal welfare charity is contributing over £70,000 to the first phase of the study.

“This donation is important because it puts PETA and its affiliates in a unique position of not only championing the need for new non-animal tests but also providing money to help make it happen,” said Tim Mitchell, president of CeeTox. “It sets a good example for others to follow.”

Sensitisation testing is currently conducted using 32 to 80 guinea pigs or 16 to 60 mice. The new non-animal test is intended as a full replacement for the animal tests currently in use. According to PETA, it will take three or four days to complete, in comparison to the weeks necessary for the existing test and will be half the cost.

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