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The trend for natural cosmetic products has resulted in increased demand for airless packaging. Now solutions are available for formulations of many different viscosities and the cosmetics industry is drawing on the expertise of the food and pharmaceuticals industries. In addition, airless packaging must continue to evolve aesthetically and maximise its consumer appeal with new design and decoration options.

Airless packaging can play a key role in the success of a brand. But ongoing development is essential to ensure that products and their packaging continue to deliver, as Mark Box reports

Everyone recognises the importance of brand image in the personal care sector and the vital role that packaging can play in helping to establish and support this. Nevertheless, anyone who believes that style is a suitable substitute for substance is in for a disappointment.

Consumers are a savvy lot. However appealing a pack may look on shelf, if it performs poorly or is difficult to use, the likelihood of a repeat purchase will be greatly diminished. More importantly, if the product itself fails to deliver on its promises it will be doomed to failure, however wonderful the pack may look or convenient it is to use.

Product development for personal care brands is a continuous process with the constant introduction of new or enhanced formulations, the addition of new ingredients or the use of new production technologies. This creates ongoing challenges for the packaging industry in order to ensure that these products can be packed safely, conveniently and attractively.

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