Patents: Beat the heat

Published: 28-Mar-2019

This month’s patents offer sun protection and include an encapsulated sunscreen for boosted SPF, a facial oil treatment with sun protective properties, antioxidant-containing compositions for full spectrum protection, including infrared and blue light, and a foamable sun care product

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1. Composition containing a cellulose derived capsule with a sunscreen
US Patent 10,098,823
Application No 15/264,285
Granted 16 October 2018
Assignee CoLabs

The applicants suggest that there are advantages in applying a sunscreen from a shower gel or similar product that can withstand several rinses. The patent describes a sunscreen composition comprising sunscreen active agents encapsulated in a cellulose- derived capsule. The sunscreen composition can be incorporated into any personal cleansing product and can be used by an individual during a shower or bath, or while applying a body product to their skin or hair.

It is claimed that by encapsulating the sunscreen in cellulose capsules it is possible to deliver an increase in SPF compared with free sunscreen or non-encapsulated material. Further, cellulose capsules result in a more even distribution and spreading of the sunscreen active agent over the skin. By using encapsulation technologies, milder surfactant systems and good adhesive polymers it is possible to ensure efficient deposition of the sunscreen.

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