Patents: Making mild bath products


The trend in personal care is for clear, mild products, and for improved deposition of fragrance and other materials, so patents have been selected that fit this trend. The fourth abstract describes an anhydrous stick sun filter composition, which may be of interest as an anhydrous delivery system for other personal care products

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1. Personal care composition
US Patent 10,463,597
Application No 14/401,376
Granted 5 November 2019
Assignee Conopco

The applicants suggest that cooling actives, such as menthol are used in personal care formulations to provide a fresh sensation or scent on skin after topical use. They may also have local anaesthetic and counter-irritant qualities.

Unfortunately, however, cooling actives may be difficult to formulate at high concentration, and there may be safety and environmental constraints on their use at levels high enough to produce a noticeable effect upon topical application.

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