Plastic free beauty by James Cropper and Shiseido

Published: 27-Jul-2022

Shiseido are using James Cropper to help with its commitment to reducing the plastic in its packaging as part of its mission for ‘Conscious Beauty’

Japanese brand, Shiseido is the latest beauty brand to pledge its commitment to reducing the plastic in its packaging as part of its mission for ‘Conscious Beauty.’ After building momentum for some time, this is a clear indication that sustainability remains as the mega-trend in beauty and cosmetics.

Shiseido joins a plethora of beauty names turning its focus towards responsible solutions as we continue to see an increasing demand from consumers for brands to be better, which includes using sustainable packaging. Brands, such as Floral Street, are trying to change the status quo by using paper fibre solutions to offer products with no cello-wrap, no printed cards; just beautiful, moulded boxes that are easy to recycle, and its moves like this that are paving the way for change.

Shiseido is the latest cosmetics brand to work with the English Lake District papermaker, James Cropper, to deliver its responsible packaging strategy, as the beauty house launches Ulé, an innovative eco-conscious skincare brand.

Using its FibreBlend Upcycled Technology, James Cropper has created the outer packaging for the brand with paper from its Rydal range. The natural white board is made with 100% recycled fibres, certified to the FSC® recycled label which recognises the important role that recycling paper plays in the entire paper lifecycle, and sits perfectly with Shiseido’s focus on reducing and recycling its packaging.

The papermaker’s leading fibre expertise and passion for innovation is behind a number of innovations targeted at global issues. These include CupCycling, the world’s first technology to upcycle used coffee cups, that has so far given new life to more than 150 million cups as premium paper for packaging.

Ulé, the first vertical farm beauty brand to grow its ingredients in its own indoor high-tech vertical farm, joins Shiseido’s growing portfolio of brands based on its ‘Conscious Beauty’ philosophy. As part of the brand’s green mission, Ulé has designed its packaging with the most minimal impact on the environment. Using light weighted glass bottles and bio-based lids sourced from Europe.

Tricia Hartmann, Global Packaging Lead at James Cropper, says: ”The strongest trends in the packaging industry, not just in the cosmetics and beauty industry, but across the board, is around the circular economy. This has been driven by growing awareness of the waste issue that continues to exist and consumer perception regarding packaging.

“When it comes to the beauty industry, brands are recognising that eco-friendly doesn’t compromise experience and as packaging experts, we can demonstrate that new, imaginative methods of packaging materials and concepts exist and can help them to deliver on their promise of greener approaches.

“As demand for recyclable materials in packaging grows, natural materials are increasingly replacing plastics, and that’s exactly what Shiseido has done; we’re helping them to strengthen their environmentally-friendly credentials.”

The outer packaging includes black text printed on a nude matte background, while thin vertical lines have been created via debossing on the surface of the folding cartons, combined with embossing at the centre of the facing. Ulé also eliminated leaflets and inner carton components from its secondary packaging.

The Ulé' collection launched on May 2nd online, but currently only ships within France.

For more information on James Cropper’s Rydal range, visit here

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