Pochet Group partners with Fives on eco-friendly electric furnace

By Julia Wray | 5-Sep-2022

New addition will be the first French electric furnace dedicated to luxury glass bottles

Luxury glass packaging specialist Pochet Group has announced a strategic partnership with Fives to reduce carbon emissions and offer eco-friendly glass.

Fives, a leader in electric melting technologies, will design and supply an electric furnace for Pochet Group’s Pochet du Courval division at its flagship Guimerville plant in Normandy, France.

Fives’ Prium E-Melt cold-top vertical melter is said to be one of the most advanced technologies to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Pochet du Courval is aiming to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2033, offering decarbonised glass to its clients.

“This electric furnace will be the very first French furnace dedicated to luxury bottles enabling us to offer carbon-free glass to perfume, skin care and make-up brands that will deliver tomorrow’s beauty,” said Benoit Marszalek, Pochet du Courval’s Chief Operating Officer.

Fives’ Vice President of Glass, Alexandre Brusset, added that the company would “help the industry partners to meet their objectives in terms of decarbonisation” and “train technicians and operators at the plant level”.

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