Pure Beauty Awards to celebrate 14th anniversary with deluxe prize draw!


Pure Beauty Awards guests will be given an extra special treat this year

Pure Beauty Awards guests will be given an extra special treat this year as all attendees will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a selection of luxurious products from premium beauty brands.

The exclusive prize draw includes:

Elemis Glowing Skin Collection – worth over £70

The Glowing Skin Collection includes everything you need for your face and body to look healthy and radiant. Plus, all of the products come in a stylish tote bag.

Elemis Gift Voucher – worth £150

This gift voucher can be used to redeem Speed Spa and treatment room bookings at the Elemis flagship spa in London’s Mayfair.

Gold Elements Truffles Infusion Face Lift Cream – worth over £400

The Truffles Infusion Brightening Face Lift Cream incorporates an infusion blend of white and black truffle to reduce the appearance of ageing and promote smooth and radiant skin.

Gold Elements Mega Mask – worth over £870

The Gold Elements Mega Mask is an exclusive skin treatment that is inspired by unique plastic surgery techniques. It is formulated to suspend the effectsof time and restore the skin’s lost youth.

GENEU DNA test and collagen skincare serums – worth £900

This unique experience includes a GENEU gift card, worth £900, entitling you to the world's first in-store 30-minute DNA skin test, plus personally prescribed dual anti-oxidant and collagen skin care serums (6x10ml). Complimentary case engraving is also included.

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