REGENIXIR, SILAB's innovation doubly rewarded


SILAB has been doubly honoured by receiving two awards in two weeks for its regenerating anti-ageing active ingredient, REGENIXIR®

REGENIXIR, SILAB's innovation doubly rewarded

In August, REGENIXIR® received two different prizes from the Chinese beauty industry: the Ringier Technology Innovation Award 1 in the Effective Ingredients category and the ICIC Award 2 in the Technology Innovation Ingredient category.

Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, Deputy general manager for innovation, considers that they are the result of SILAB’s innovation strategy and investment policy (20% of sales is devoted to R&D each year).

“We are very pleased to receive these two distinctions, which highlight the high level of scientific expertise in our REGENIXIR® product. For this anti-ageing active ingredient of biotechnological origin, we acquired new technological expertise through the establishment of partnerships with two prestigious international research laboratories.”

For this development, SILAB set up a novel modeling study made possible by the integration in-house of skills required to develop innovative vascularised models and innovative models of immune cells.

The company thus demonstrated for the first time that the interconnectivity of the cutaneous, vascular and immune systems, required in the skin regeneration process, is weakened during ageing. By revitalizing cellular interconnectivity, REGENIXIR® enables the rapid and overall regeneration of mature skin.

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For SILAB, which achieves 60% of its sales through exports, this recognition testifies to its ability to offer comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of consumers in the global cosmetics industry.

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