Revolution Beauty launches 'modern day beauty pageant' for TikTok generation

By Sarah Parsons 29-Mar-2021

The drugstore make-up brand said the campaign is to promote diversity and genderless beauty

Drugstore make-up brand Revolution Beauty is scouting on TikTok for the 'next big thing in beauty'.

The six month international #CreatorRevolution campaign will kick off with a call for content creators on the social platform to take part in themed challenges.

The chosen finalists will be asked to share their take on 'modern beauty' for a chance to win a US$100,000 prize, create a product line with the brand and join the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

According to the brand, the campaign is a contemporary spin on the beauty pageant concept that aims to 'celebrate diversity, inclusivity and genderless beauty'.

Adam Minto, founder of Revolution Beauty, said: "Brands in beauty need to embrace and celebrate all types of beauty with a community that cares deeply about authenticity.

"TikTok is the perfect platform for us to partner with to find the next generation of beauty talent and creativity, with an audience that is already out there shaping the future of our industry."

To promote the TikTok competition, the marketing push will include TopView and In-Feed Ads placements, a bespoke music track, a page in TikTok's Discover tab, and a Branded Effect to engage consumers.

Antonia Baildam, Beauty Brand Partnerships Lead of TikTok added: "This unique campaign takes advantage of everything TikTok has to offer – from our vibrant and diverse creator community to our innovative ad formats, sounds and creative effects – creating a truly immersive digital experience.

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"We're thrilled to be working with Revolution Beauty for this campaign, a brand that's leading the charge to disrupt stereotypes and champion genderless and inclusive beauty. We can't wait to see what our creator community to offer and the superstars this campaign unearths."