Rollers diversify to pick up momentum

By Julia Wray | Published: 26-May-2021

Whether integrated as an applicator into a vial or tube or used as a standalone tool, rollers can help boost the product experience. Cosmetics Business discovers what’s available

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Roller devices – from metal rollerballs to jade rollers inspired by ancient Chinese techniques – have multiple benefits.

“With their intuitive design and gentle application, rollers deliver essential benefits of facial massage, increased blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and eye depuffing – all of which promote healthy, youthful, glowing skin,” says Anisa Telwar Kaicker, founder & CEO of Anisa International.

“Rollers also help increase product penetration into the skin while providing an age-old ritualistic experience that individuals can replicate in the privacy of their homes.”

Rollers may be integrated into skin care and body care packs, and they can add a 90s retro touch to lip glosses and fragrance minis. However, recent years have seen an uptick in demand for standalone devices, such as gua sha facial massagers and rollers made from gemstones, with more beauty packaging suppliers now including these products in their portfolio.

“Rollerball applicators are an effective way for packaging to enhance the delivery of the formula and play an integral part in the overall efficacy of the product,” explains Lynn Lu, Skincare Product Manager at HCP Packaging. “It is a great packaging choice for convenience, practicality, portability and application on-the-go.”

With all this in mind, Cosmetics Business asked, what options are available for brands who want to hop aboard the rolling bandwagon?

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