SEPIBLISS FEEL combines wellbeing and innovation for holistic beauty

Published: 21-Apr-2023

Emotions, thoughts and states of mind are intimately connected to both our mental and physical wellbeing, impacting our skin. Keeping that in mind Seppic, created SEPIBLISS™ FEEL, a unique feel good soothing coriander seed oil with an innovative approach, that acts both on skin and mind for an ultimate wellbeing experience

An innovative wellness approach inspired by holistic beauty

Holistic comes from the ancient Greek, hólos, meaning “whole”, which implies that holistic beauty goes beyond physical appearance. Nowadays, people want to have more time and would find the time to apply cosmetics that bring comfort, stimulate the physical and the emotions.

That’s how, SEPIBLISS™ FEEL has been identified as the solution that provides comfort, soothes and nourishes the skin ultimately providing a wellbeing sensation. It limits skin damages induced by emotional stress, thanks to its 3-in-1 proven efficacy.

First, it has an acupuncture-like effect demonstrated by an innovative protocol. It has an anti-stress action as efficient as the action of real acupuncture on skin cells. Moreover, it protects happiness molecules from emotional stress, which generates a feel good action in skin cells. Finally, it decreases the skin sensitivity and therefore enhances skin comfort.

An eco-friendly ingredient from coriander seeds

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL is a natural oil extracted from coriander seeds sourced and eco-friendly cultivated exclusively in France. Coriander positively impacts biodiversity as it is a melliferous plant that needs low quantities of intrants and maintenance while growing on harsh lands that could not be used for other cultivations. Its specific production process also allows a perfect skin tolerance and the protection of bioactive compounds.

To meet the concept of Inside Out beauty routines, Seppic offer also includes SEPIBLISS™: a nutraceutical ingredient to protect and calm sensitive and reactive skins.

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