SGS proderm webinar: Ageing hair and skinification

Published: 11-Apr-2023

What is 'skinification' and how is it clinically investigated? How to test products aimed at 'ageing hair'?

For a long time, the scalp has been a more or less neglected area of the body in the minds of consumers and manufacturers. The term 'skinification' now describes the change in the industry, according to which the care of the scalp is an area of the skin that needs care just like other areas of the body.

Manufacturers of cosmetic products for the hair are faced with the particular challenge of having to consider two dimensions in one product: the treatment of the hair and the care of the scalp.

In their lecture, our experts Ms. Britta Gudowski and Ms. Jasmin Wullbrandt will address not only the skinification topic but also the aspect of ageing hair and illustrate corresponding test methods for both issues. At the end of the webinar she will answer the questions of the audience in a FAQ round.


Background information on 'Ageing hair' and 'Skinification'

In vitro testing

  • Hair breakage
  • Split-ends
  • Colour protection wash-out effect
  • Degree of hair damage

In vivo testing

  • Hair loss
  • Dry scalp
  • Protection and repair of the scalp


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