Silab targets fibroblast regeneration with Regenixir

By Julia Wray 18-Jan-2022

New active ingredient stimulates the skin’s capacity to synthesise its fibroblast regenerating complex

Silab has launched an active ingredient to stimulate the skin’s capacity to synthesise its fibroblast regenerating complex.

To cope with aggressors, fibroblast cells in the skin interconnect the cutaneous, immune and vascular systems via the secretion of a pool of growth factors, placed under the term fibroblast regenerating complex.

According to Silab research, this natural process is altered with age.

In response, the France-based supplier created Regenixir, which restores the capacity of aged fibroblasts to interact with their environment.

Matrix restructuring and epidermal renewal are improved; the formation of a vascular network is restored; and the population of pro-regenerating macrophages is increased.

A study involving the application of Regenixir at 2.5% in an emulsion for 21 days, found crow’s feet wrinkles were reduced by -10% in Caucasian volunteers, and by -6% in Asian subjects.

In the same conditions, in Caucasian volunteers, the active ingredient was shown to improve skin firmness (+10%), elasticity (+14%) and tonicity (+25%). It also attenuates the visibility of microvessels by -6% and improves the colour of undereye circles.

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Regenixir is an extract of oligo-β-glucans from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is widely used in the food industry.

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