Skin care line Scientia is the new beauty brand on the block

By Becky Bargh 15-Nov-2019

The brand’s debut line of products are designed to improve skin health and radiance

Skin care line Scientia is the new beauty brand on the block

New beauty brand Scientia, pronounced see-en-cha, has launched to help customers achieve their skin care goals.

Its debut line of products includes its Dawn and Dusk Elixir (£32 each), which are both formulated to maximise skin health and improve radiance.

Its Dawn Elixir said to be 100% natural, for day time application, is formulated with ginger, pink pepper, fennel, avocado, argan and moringa.

Meanwhile, Dusk Elixir is blended with collagen-boosting ingredients to help target lines and wrinkles.

The formula is infused with lavender, ylang ylang and frankincense, which is designed to help induce sleep.

Scientia was founded by Tiffany Salmon, who has 15 years of industry experience at the helm of her family’s cosmetics company.

The products are available via

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