Sorbitan caprylate – a preservative-free solution

Sorbitan caprylate from Clariant, marketed as Veslan SC, is a sustainable, multifunctional ingredient boasting good antibacterial activity against gram-positive bacteria and fungi.

Based completely on renewable raw materials, sorbitan caprylate is a sustainable preservative booster that assists the efficacy of preserving agents in a synergistic manner. Frederic Pilz introduces this new material which allows preservation-free claims

The preservative market is going through some significant changes. There is a clear market demand for more sustainable – or ‘greener’ – products as consumers are increasingly looking for products that contain less preservatives or are even ‘preservative-free’. Although new products based on renewable resources have emerged, they often have drawbacks in performance and they can be expensive. The industry therefore continues to look for organic, non-listed actives to preserve personal care formulations safely and cost effectively.

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