State-of-the-art in Capacitance Imaging – MoistureMap MM 200

Published: 23-Dec-2021

Courage and Khazaka introduces the new MoistureMap MM 200

The hydration distribution on the skin surface gives valuable information on the efficacy of cosmetic products and the micro-topography of the skin. Courage + Khazaka electronic has further developed the already proven method of capacitance imaging. Featuring new hard- and software the MoistureMap MM 200 facilitates taking high quality images and their evaluation.


  • sensor with capacitive-touch imaging technology based on renowned L’Oréal SkinChip
  • very flat sensor surface without metal rim
  • capture-function on the probe handle
  • calibrated probe, no further calibration by the user
  • pixel expressed on a scale of 255 grey values
  • new moisture homogeneity distribution value
  • permittivity result
  • multiple topographic measurements (polygon size, corner density, anisotropy index)
  • impressive ”3 D” style images
  • selection of an ROI and comparison of 2 ROIs in one image
  • video (.avi) to show kinetic effects of moisture
  • optional accessories for in vitro measurements
State-of-the-art in Capacitance Imaging – MoistureMap MM 200

Together with the worldwide known and established Corneometer to quantitatively assess the hydration level of the stratum corneum and the Tewameter to measure the transepidermal water loss and assess the skin barrier function, you can create a complete “Water Measurement Center”. These and more advantages make it a very flexible instrument for cosmetology and dermatology.

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