Sustainability Summit features green chemicals and social impacts

Published: 20-Mar-2015

Green alternatives to some of the most contentious chemicals in cosmetics & personal care products will be featured in the upcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Green alternatives to some of the most contentious chemicals in cosmetics & personal care products will be featured in the upcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit ( Taking place in New York City on 14-16 May, the summit hones in on sustainable ingredients, marketing, social and consumer impacts.

For the first time, the summit will discuss the social and safety issues of personal care products in the context of sustainability. With rising consumer interest in product formulations, there are growing concerns about the ecological and health impacts of ingredients.

The sustainable ingredients session begins with details on the growing array of green emulsifiers and surfactants for personal care applications. Sustainable alternatives to squalene and microplastic exfoliants will also be featured; both materials have come under scrutiny because of their high environmental footprints. The risks and opportunities provided by nanomaterials will be debated, whilst other papers cover sustainable palm oil, and safety of natural materials. Organic Monitor will conduct a dedicated workshop on paraben-free preservative systems. Details will be given of novel green materials used for preservation, as well as ‘self-preserving’ formulations.

The social & customer impacts session looks at the various ways cosmetic and ingredient firms can add social value and engage with customers. Shannon Hess from Burt’s Bees will state how the natural cosmetics brand is making a social difference with its ‘greater good’ business model. Dara O’ Rourke, co-founder of the GoodGuide will discuss the use of mobile apps to engage with customers. Details will be given on how the GoodGuide app rates personal care products according to health, social and environmental impacts. Wanda Malhotra, CEO and founder of Surya Brasil, will show how the brand is engaging Brazilian consumers to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

In her opening keynote, green& healthy living expert Sophie Uliano will state the relationship between healthy diet, lifestyle choices, and natural beauty. Raphael Bemporad, founding partner of BBMG, will give best-practices in green marketing communications. With the high incidence of greenwashing in the personal care industry, how should brands undertake legitimate green marketing? What are the marketing lessons from other industries?

Hosted in New York City for the sixth consecutive year, this new edition emphasises the social and consumer impacts of sustainability. Amarjit Sahota, president of Organic Monitor and organiser of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, comments: “The cosmetic industry appears to be preoccupied with environmental aspects; we want to show how operators can take a holistic perspective when considering sustainability”.

About the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit
Organised by Organic Monitor, the aim of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders and debate major sustainability issues in a high-level forum. The 6th North American edition will be hosted at Marriott New York Downtown. More information is available from

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