Sustainable Cosmetics Summit highlights metric and packaging issues

Published: 31-May-2012

Event took place in New York recently

Two of the key messages from the recent Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, held in New York on 17-19 May, highlighted the fact that the cosmetics industry needs to improve measurement techniques for its environmental impacts and increase adoption rates of sustainable packaging.

A number of speakers discussed the methods of measuring the environmental impact of cosmetic products. Although many companies are undertaking life cycle analysis, varying methodology, lack of standardised data and general difficulties in analyzing cosmetic formulations, can all prevent accurate measurement.

The Sustainable Packaging session at the summit explored various options open to cosmetic companies looking at environmentally friendly packaging while the last day of the summit comprised two interactive workshops on sustainable packaging solutions and paraben-free cosmetic formulations.

In other news, the growing use of sustainable ingredients in cosmetic products is to be the focus of the next Natural Cosmetics Masterclass, taking place in Paris on 27 June. Organised by Organic Monitor, the masterclass comprises two sessions with the morning one highlighting some of the new ingredients available to formulators and product developers while the afternoon session focuses on the problems in using green ingredients in cosmetic formulations, and how this can be overcome.

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