The adaptogenic power of the Centella asiatica by wesource


In its new “Inspifactory series” dedicated to niche trends and active science, wesource - Seppic brand for its cosmetic active ingredients - points out the adaptogenic properties of Centella asiatica on skin with its active ingredient TALADVANCE

Adaptogens are natural ingredients, mainly herbs, spices or roots, which are said to focus on reducing physical, chemical and biological stress and get the body back to its baseline.

Known for longer in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, they have appeared in edgy wellness supplements, snacks and beverages, targeting stress relief and mental clarity since 2013.

Today, considering the toll on mental health and widespread anxiety caused by the health crisis, the adaptogen conversation has accelerated and these superherbs pop up even in skin care jars and tubes thanks to their natural and holistic attributes.

Leading adaptogens in skin care are holy basil, ashwagandha or ginseng. But, more recently, Centella asiatica, also known as Gotu Kola, meaning “Fountain of Youth” in Sanskrit, has carved out a place among them.

With its expertise in botanical extraction, wesource sustainably collects leaves of Centella asiatica in Madagascar to offer an adaptogenic solution for skin: TALADVANCE.

Thanks to its composition close to the molecular content of Centella asiatica in triterpenes and polyphenols, it acts as a true adaptogenic agent: it ensures skin homeostasis, that is the capacity of skin to maintain its balance, whatever the external constraints.

Thus strengthening the foundations of a healthy skin, TALADVANCE offers one of the utmost benefits of wellbeing: the glow!

Find out more on TALADVANCE here.

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