The anti-inflammatory effects of Jojoba Oil

Published: 16-Oct-2019

Jojoba Oil provides similar level of anti-inflammatory benefits as anti-inflammatory drugs

With the trend for natural and clean beauty becoming one of the top decision makers for today’s consumers, companies are seeking an alternative for the use of chemical substances in their formulas.

It’s essential that these products feature environmentally-friendly and sustainably-sourced ingredients, as well as deliver the best, most efficacious results.

This is especially true in skin care, and even more so when it comes to anti-inflammatory dermatological products designed to combat environmental damage.

Customers demand for clean beauty, is resulting in skin care that is more natural, with healthier ingredients and safer for use. Not only that, consumers believe the less ingredients a product has, then the better and more natural it is.

The trend is having a major impact on the cosmetics market as consumers demand more natural applications for their bodies, faces and hair.

As a result, many R&D professionals are turning to Jojoba oil as a key product used in their innovative products and formulations. Due to its unique chemical structure and antioxidants content, Jojoba oil has incomparable oxidative stability, resulting a long shelf life and resistance towards free radicals.

This exclusive property of Jojoba as a carrier oil can be capitalized upon by brands and result in formulations with oxidatively-sensitive vitamins, essential oils and other natural active materials.

In a study published by R. Habashy in the Pharmacological Research journal, it has been found that Jojoba oil applied on irritated skin exerts anti-inflammatory activity similar to an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to relieve pain and swelling.

“Jojoba oil has many healing properties. Its unique structure, which is based on straight chain Omega 9 esters, mimics 25% of the human sebum and therefore, once applied on irritated skin, has soothing and repairing effects while deeply moisturizes the skin,” says Dr. Anna Aharoni, R&D Manager at Jojoba Desert.

“This makes Jojoba oil an especially beneficial component in sensitive skin care, acne treatment products, after-sun formulations, as well as in anti-aging and anti-rosacea skin care applications.”

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