The beauty of decoration: Spruce up your packaging

Published: 5-May-2020

Your label communicates multiple messages both overtly and sub-consciously and can convince buyers to choose one product over another

Brand labels are complex beasts. While they need to convey key information about origin, styles, and the brand, they also need to appeal visually to consumers – making it important to make this first impression count.

How do you build a ‘show stopping’ label?

Colours influence emotions, increase brand recognition, create cues for messages and ultimately affect purchasing decisions. Particular colours are more predominantly associated with certain product categories or sectors.

Research your sector colours carefully at design stage. Colour is an essential feature of package design and constitutes a prominent component of the product’s visual identity.

Use Bespoke Die Cutting to differentiate

Think beyond rectangles, squares, and circles; irregularly shaped labels can create a unique identity. Choices include extra-rounded corners, sharp geometric angles, two-part labels, torn-look edges, or custom shapes.

If you have, an interestingly shaped container consider using an unconventional label shape to match.

Material Selection – build an identity, what suits the brand?

There are innumerable material options to choose, from textured uncoated stock to glossy paper, or clear film for a “no-label look” and metallised for a distinctive shine.

OPM has a vast range of options available to suit any desired look or application. Gloss paper, beautiful textured and uncoated papers, clear film, metallised options, and natural Kraft paper.

We also have a variety of speciality materials that provide a unique look (e.g. leather, wood, holographic and more).

For performance and sustainability

Most brands are looking to engage their environmental responsibility, so why not choose a sustainable material. There are plenty of options available, whether it is recycled content, chain of custody certified, biodegradable, or made from unique waste products like sugarcane or limestone.

The beauty of decoration: Spruce up your packaging

Embellishments and Effects

Embellishments and Effects elevate your label design, adding the finishing touch to enhance the presentation of your brand.

Foiling – Adding foil achieves a premium, luxurious effect that communicates quality and complements the label design. Foiling will give your label instant metallic shine and reflective depth, giving the label a distinct finish.

A wide range of colours and effects are available; gold, silver, bronze, copper, rose gold, holographic, matte silver, black, white, and green to name a few.

Hot Foil is a method of foiling that requires a special tool and can achieve finer and higher quality detail than cold foil. Hot foils have a wider range of colours and effects such as holographic compared to cold foil.

Hot foiling is suitable for use on uncoated and textured materials.

Cold Foil is an alternate method of foiling that requires a plate and is more cost effective than hot foil due to the lower set up costs. A selected range of colours and effects such as holographic are available.

Embossing (and debossing) is a great way to create a tactile experience with a textured, prestigious effect by raising (or lowering) a pattern or image from the label surface.

This gives a tactile feel and can highlight certain design elements. Embossing is particularly effective on uncoated papers.

Silk Screen creates impact with simplicity. The screen process has the ability to print a smooth, controllable lay-down of ink with a raised, tactile feel.

Producing an excellent density of colour and it is particularly effective when using a white either on its own or to provide a base for vibrant design elements.

Lamination provides durability. The entire label surface can be finished in a gloss or matte lamination film. This provides a high impact appearance in addition to strong moisture and scuff protection.

The beauty of decoration: Spruce up your packaging

There are speciality laminations like linen and leather effects to create a unique tactile finish. Holographic logos or patterns can be custom made specific to brand.

Coatings offer a perfect finish. Flood Coating The entire label surface can be finished in either a gloss or matt coating.

Spot Coating Gloss or matte spot coatings can be used over an element of the design to highlight it or to create a pattern.

Textured Coating. We have a number of coating options for achieving a textured look and feel to the label, including our super-gritty sandpaper coating.

Soft Touch Coating for a smooth touch of luxury. This luxurious coating can be applied to selected areas or to the entire surface of the label to achieve a subtly soft texture. It encourages touch and engagement and provides products with a unique velvety and warm positioning.

Utilising the silkscreen process we can create a High Build coating that gives a tactile, premium effect that highlights key design areas. They act as a clear or coloured raised surface on areas of your label such as your logo, variety name, or as a textured pattern.

They can also be very effective when used as a super glossy highlight over a matte finish background. It is also a good way of enhancing the richness and depth in colour of the chosen design elements.

Now to consider the Inks available that present colour with purpose

Metallic inks are used to create a similar effect to foil, via the shine of the metallic particles found in the ink. Chameleon ink has colour-shifting impact.

This speciality ink creates a colour shift when viewed from different angles. It is a great way to interactively transform design elements.

Best used in large solid areas to maximise the effect. Glow-in-the-Dark – excellent brightness in total darkness. This effect does just what it says, it creates glow-in-the-dark areas on the label.

You can highlight specific design areas or incorporate hidden elements for a fun and interactive effect. We also offer a special black light ink that under a UV ‘black’ light glows fluorescently.

The beauty of decoration: Spruce up your packaging

Scented ink – engage the senses. When scratched, this ink releases a fragranced aroma that can be used to promote a flavour, evoke an emotion or create a statement.

It is available in a wide range of standard and custom scents from vanilla, fruit, flowers, citrus to chocolate; your imagination is the limit!

Scratch-off ink – generate excitement by hiding a message underneath that can be removed by scratching with a fingernail or coin.

Ideal for promotions where the consumer is given the excitement of revealing a prize, discount, reward or hidden message.

Reverse Printing – the hidden selling space. Printing on the back of a label reduces the content on a label’s face side and minimises clutter. It’s a great way to add extra information or promotional content without compromising the look and feel of the brand.

This only works for labels applied on clear surfaces where the back of the label is visible. It’s also a fun way to reveal hidden content as the product is consumed.

The beauty of decoration: Spruce up your packaging

Wow that’s a lot of inspiration! With so many options all that is left to do is get in touch with OPM to bring your labels and flexible packaging to life. Our team of experts can help you navigate our full range of embellishment solutions to ensure you achieve the look your brand deserves!

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