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Published: 22-Apr-2022

Looks beautiful on the shelf and feels elegant in their hands

Picture this:

Your product stands out on the shelf, looking clear and defined.

And once the customer picks it up, it feels substantial and sturdy.

As a modern high-end cosmetics brand, would that type of luxury packaging – done in fully sustainable material – be an advantage for you?

Then read on.

Make your brand stand out with a unique combination of eco-friendly PET Plastic & The Charming Heavy-Wall style

Few are aware that you can package with glass-like quality using fully sustainable plastic. And this makes EPOPACK’s PET “Heavy Wall” a potent choice for your products.

The “heavy” does not refer to weight. These bottles and jars are actually lighter than glass. But their construction is robust (and shatterproof).

It’s a rare combination of a luxurious material that is incredibly easy to recycle.

These are containers that help set you apart.

Decorate & Customise As Needed

PET Heavy Wall bottles and jars come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from 15 ml sample/travel volumes to full 200 ml containers.

They can be done in high-clarity full transparency (to look like glass), or in a variety of solid colors.

Decoration options are printing, hot stamping, spray or injection colouring.

A full array of dispensing attachments are available, including pumps, sprays, droppers, and screw caps.

And finally, for those wishing for 100% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic and mono-material, we can produce our entire lineup in PCR PET as well.

Made With A Conscience, In Taiwan

EPOPACK is a 30+ year Taiwanese manufacturer of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. We serve luxury hair and skin care cosmetic manufacturers and brands, with a focus on customisable containers that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Minimum orders start at 10,000 pieces.

To get the most up-to-date catalogue and to obtain samples, email project manager Amy Pan:

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