The excellence of natural biopeptides for an anti-ageing effect

Published: 2-Sep-2021

Silab presents Peptilium, a premium anti-ageing active ingredient, combining naturality and transversality for a global efficacy


The cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) is a small red fruit native to North America. Used by Native Americans in traditional medicine, this superfruit is today considered to be a health food throughout the world.

In an upcycling approach, one of its co-products, the cranberry press cake, became the raw material of Peptilium. Sourced from a producer committed to sustainable practices, this press cake was processed through a specific in-house eco-extraction based on enzymatic bioengineering to obtain natural biopeptides purified to 95%.


Present in large numbers in the plant world, these natural biopeptides are recognised for their molecular diversity and their ability to act on several biological targets.

This remarkable characteristic is particularly interesting in the fight against ageing, because it enables Peptilium to act transversally on the three skin layers: the epidermal barrier function is reinforced and the quality of the dermal-epidermal junction and of the dermal matrix are improved.

This performance was highlighted through a targeted transcriptomic analysis and optical biopsies coupled with artificial intelligence. It has shown that, out of 34 genes involved in skin homeostasis, 76% are deregulated during ageing. With Peptilium, the expression of 81% of these deregulated genes is normalised.


At the level of individuals, this efficacy is demonstrated by the significant improvement of the parameters characteristic of complexion radiance (reflection, pink colour, olive colour and luminosity) as well as an anti-wrinkle effect as of 21 days in Caucasian and Asian subjects.

Tested in comparison to retinol, the anti-ageing action of Peptilium is more intense and more rapid, while having no side effects. Effective and sustainable, Peptilium is recommended in all overall anti-ageing skin care products.

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