The most popular hair trends of 2022, according to Pinterest

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 24-Mar-2022

The image sharing and ideas saving platform has revealed that the inclusive natural hair movement is gaining momentum as consumers embrace coily, curly, wavy, straight, or shaved looks

Pinterest has reported a surge in consumers using the platform to find inspiration for their natural hair texture.

Ultra-specific searches are most predominant globally, for example, 'naturally wavy hair cuts with layers', 'tribal braids with knotless braids ' and 'genderfluid haircut' were up by 20, 91, and 282-fold in 2021.

The findings come as Pinterest expands its hair pattern search feature worldwide, in a bid to cater to black, latinx, indigenous and asian users.

Previously the feature was only available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

“Creating a nourishing product and environment is more important than ever," said Annie Ta, Head of Inclusive Product at Pinterest.

"Our mission is to help everyone feel like Pinterest is a place for them and, for that, we want all of our Pinners around the world to discover ideas that feel personalised, relevant and reflective of who they are.

"That's why we built hair pattern search using computer vision technology to help identify hair patterns in images."

Last year, Pinterest forecasted that some of the top hair care trends for 2022 included popular afro-textured hair styles: high puff hairstyles, space buns, two puffs, short natural styles and natural hair buns.

Most searched for hair terms on Pinterest:

Short cuts with layers

  • Gender-fluid haircut, 282x
  • Fluffy alt hair, 69x
  • Bob pixie cut, 53x
  • Dreads short hair, 51x
  • Pixie sidecut, 27x

Underdye hair colour ideas

  • Under hair colour red, 68x
  • Striped dyed hair, 65x
  • Two-toned hair underneath, 56x
  • Peekaboo hair colour black women, 31x

Braids and cornrows

  • Heart cornrows, 99x
  • Tribal braids with knotless braids, 91x
  • Aesthetic box braids hairstyles, 66x

Hair pattern trends

  • Naturally wavy hair cuts with layers, 20x
  • Shaved natural hair, 13x
  • 3b 3c curly hairstyles, 10x
  • Protective hairstyles braids, 8x

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