The newest red pearl for eye-catching effects

Published: 18-Oct-2021

MIRAGE Bright Luminous Red is ECKART´s newest addition to its MIRAGE product line: an intense red effect pigment for natural and traditional cosmetics

ECKART´s latest incorporation to its portfolio of intense coloured pigments for cosmetics is called MIRAGE Bright Luminous Red.

Formulators of modern cosmetics looking for an uncomplicated red pearl have the answer in this innovative effect pigment: the eye-catching sparkle of highly pure borosilicates, hand in hand with superior colour intensity and outstanding coverage.

Additionally, MIRAGE Bright Luminous Red is free of carmine and micro plastic, making it suitable for all sorts of colour cosmetic and personal care products, including certified natural cosmetics and products for the eye area.

MIRAGE Bright Luminous Red is “passion red” - neither bluish, yellowish, nor pink- giving formulators maximum flexibility in this colour space. Like all MIRAGE pigments, it has excellent surface smoothness, homogeneous particle thickness and high purity, which enable astonishing effects combined with a pleasant skin feel.

To try this innovative pearl or learn more about it, please contact us at or get more information here.

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