The psychology behind music, audio and voice in beauty retail

Music has become an expected part of the retail experience, but audio and sound selection is becoming increasingly important as digital retail concepts evolve in the cosmetics industry

Dan Lafferty

The power of music to set a specific mood in-store is a strategy employed by most beauty retailers looking to create a 360 brand experience in-store.

But with the rise of new retail concepts, including virtual consultants and chatbots, just how far does the psychology behind the sounds and voices that consumers are exposed to affect their buying decisions and impressions of a brand?

Here, Dan Lafferty, Head of Voice and Music at audio branding company PHMG, explains the growing importance of audio and music choices in the store setting, and why the ‘wrong sound’ could be detrimental…

What are the different ways audio is part of the customer experience today?
In the past, visual branding has been the sole focus for many organisations. Businesses are realising the crucial role audio branding plays in the marketing mix.

Sounds we hear have a powerful effect on our subconscious, meaning audio can be used by businesses to provoke brand recall and instil . . .

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