The royal class of natural thickening and gel forming agents


Xanthan Gum is still the most commonly used thickening agent. The quality has a huge influence on the stability and the haptic feeling of cosmetic formulations. Cosphaderm X34 and Cosphaderm X soft are top grade Xanthan Gums because they are able so stabilise emulsions 8-9 times better than standard Xanthans.

Furthermore, they are highly stable, fast soluble, show less stickiness, have excellent specified values and are COSMOS-, Kosher-, Halal- certified. One unique feature is that our Xanthan Gums are highly transparent and vegan, whereas most of the other market leaders are still using chicken egg-derived lysozyme to get the high transparency.

Cosphaderm KG is a natural ECOCERT and COSMOS certified thickening and gelling agent. It can be used to replace the synthetic polyacrylic acid. The big advantage is that Cosphaderm KG is working pH-independently. Thus, gels can be formed that have a neutral pH-value of the skin (5.5). In comparison to Xanthan Gum, Cosphaderm KG shows a 3-4 times higher viscosity yield.

If you combine Cosphaderm X 34 and Cosphaderm KG and heat it, you will get thermos-reversible jelly gels which allow you to form e.g. jelly soaps or in an emulsion skin pads.

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