The top 10 most Googled wellness tools

By Becky Bargh | Published: 10-Mar-2022

A new report by Cult Beauty has revealed the most popular wellness tools of the moment

Sauna blankets have been revealed as the most Googled wellness product by Cult Beauty.

Over the past year, searches on Google for the self-heating blanket soared 20,600%.

The products are designed to soothe sore muscles, instil a feeling of calm and achieve a healthy glow.

Gua Sha’s are also having a moment as the second most Googled wellness tool over the last 12 months.

Used for thousands of years by ancient civilisations, the curve-hugging tool is designed to increase blood circulation and refine and smooth skin.

Rose quartz and jade are traditional materials for Gua Sha.

Searches were up 6,200% over the year.

Massage guns were the third most searched-for wellness tool on Google, up 4,000%.

Tailored to speed up muscle recovery and ease pain the products can also boost circulation, tackle cramps, knots and muscular twinges.

The most Googled wellness tools

  1. Sauna blankets – 20,600%
  2. Face tools (Gua Sha) – 6,200%
  3. Massage guns – 4,000%
  4. Gua Sha stones – 3,900%
  5. Cyro ice globes – 2,000%
  6. Body massager – 740%
  7. Bed of nails acupressure mat – 721%
  8. Acupressure set – 578%
  9. Head massage comb – 314%
  10. Infrared masks – 291%

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