The top 11 beauty packaging trends for 2017


At Packaging Innovations London, as part of The Beauty Forum, Emmanuelle Bassman, Founder & Managing Director of In-Trend Ltd, gave her predictions for the next big things in cosmetics packaging

1. All about the protocol

“It’s not enough to just launch a product. You need to come with a protocol. Multi-step routines require packaging that allows this ‘step one, step two, step three’ or ‘am/pm’ behaviour. And you have to make it noticeable on your packaging.”

2. Less is more

“Less is more in terms of ingredients… and you can reflect this in your packaging too. Simplicity is a strong statement.”

3. Non-toxic with smart packaging

Skin & Tonic has taken a DIY approach<br> to packaging for its Coco Mask

Skin & Tonic has taken a DIY approach
to packaging for its Coco Mask

“We’ve been reducing our usage of preservatives and compensating for this with smart packaging that allows for the preservation of the cream inside. We’re also seeing more ‘fresh’ products that are designed to be put in the fridge, because there is a big parallel between food and beauty.”

4. All about food

“Alongside the trend for superfoods in beauty, we’re seeing a more DIY trend for packaging. Consumers want to be involved. This is not longer about ‘kitchen’ brands. Premium brands are also offering this as a way to let consumers customise.”

5. Combining devices and topical

“Today it’s no longer enough to use just a topical product. You need to enhance the effect using tools. Think about your topical and then think about what kind of device you can include within the pack that works really well.”

6. On the go

111 Skin's pack combines formula and delivery<br> system for maximum efficacy

111 Skin's pack combines formula and delivery
system for maximum efficacy

“The bathroom is not the only place we apply beauty products. We’re too busy! You need to make a portable stick format. On-the-go every year is growing. Even skin care wipes are becoming more and more sophisticated. You’re getting peels in wipe and pad forms.”

7. Explosion of multi-action

“Everybody wants multi-action products now and if you have a multifunctional product, you have to make it very clear on the packaging what the product does. You need to express this multifunctionality in the design.”

8. Mind-boosting sensorial beauty

“We want to feel good and we want to feel less stressed. As a brand you can open consumer’s other emotions – for example, gourmand looking packaging makes you feel like eating. With products that provide a sensation, such as cooling, the packaging can express this too.”

9. Monitoring beauty

Following the launch of La Roche Posay's <br>My UV Patch, we can expect to see more <br>brands link packaging concepts with <br>smartphones

Following the launch of La Roche Posay's
My UV Patch, we can expect to see more
brands link packaging concepts with

“Now we have the phone and we had the product – and these are going to be linked more and more.”

10. Skin of colour

“Beauty is not just for Caucasian skin tones. And this needs to be signalled in packaging.”

11. Individually packed

“With the trends for freshness and on-the-go, everything is increasingly single packed. There is a move away from repeatedly dipping your hands in a product, while trending products like masks lend themselves to single use sachets. So why not make your products single use so they’re interesting and on-the-go?”

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The Beauty Forum took place on 14 September and was chaired by Imogen Matthews of Imogen Matthews Associates.


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