This is how consumers are really using AR beauty apps

By Austyn King 4-Aug-2017

ModiFace, the augmented reality provider, used its Eye Tracking technology to provide insight into how consumers are interacting with beauty apps

ModiFace, the augmented reality provider, has released insights into how consumers are using its mobile beauty apps in partnership with Smashbox Cosmetics, which may provide opportunities for beauty brands.

ModiFace's MAKEUP app, which uses exclusively Smashbox products, uses Eye Tracking technology, which offers the ability to track the precise location on the screen the user is looking at.

This can provide brands with useful insights into which user experiences work best, and which features users are most interested in, allowing them to act accordingly to increase the chances they will make a purchase, according to ModiFace.

Parham Aarabi, Founder and CEO of ModiFace, said: “Eye tracking provides a deeper level of insight into what users are thinking about by measuring what they are looking at.”

For example, the data revealed, sometimes users would think about a particular shade, but would not tap a product or take any other action.

Smashbox's Always On Liquid Lipstick was revealed as the most popular product, taking up 49% of all products MAKEUP app users focused on.

The most popular shades were Babe Alert, Girl Gang, Miss Conduct and Bawse.

The second most popular was the brand's Cover Shot Eye Palettes, with a 12% share of users' focus.

Here, 'focus' was defined as a user first looking at a swatch of a product; selecting a shade to try on; and taking at least two seconds to read the product name at the top of the screen.

Brynn Nakamoto, Assistant Manager of Global Digital Marketing at Smashbox, said: "We are delighted by our partnership with ModiFace for the MAKEUP application.


"Not only is it driving usage, try-ons and customer visits to our site, but ModiFace and Smashbox are doing something very unique here. 

“We are experimenting with technologies that will make shopping for beauty products easier and more convenient for the consumer.”

ModiFace also carried out a further analysis on two groups of mobile users.

One group would see a permanent button to purchase products regardless of where they were looking, while the other would only see the button after they had tried on the product and read its name.

The data revealed that the product conversion rate increased from 6.2% for the first group to 7.9% for the group reading the product name, as determined by the location of their gaze.

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Overall, the company reported a 27% increase on product conversion attributed to the eye-tracking interface.