Traackr launches new app for ranking influencer marketing performance


The app uses common performance metrics, and Traackr’s unique Brand Vitality (VIT) Score to produce monthly rankings for the UK, US, and French markets

Influencer marketing platform, Traackr, has launched a new interactive app that gives a ranking of the most successful influencer marketing programmes amongst 1,422 beauty brands. The app uses common performance metrics, and Traackr’s unique Brand Vitality (VIT) Score to produce monthly rankings for the UK, US, and French markets.

The difficulty of influencer marketing measurement

Influencer marketing has become a staple strategy - especially during the pandemic - for brands looking to connect with new audiences, increase product consideration, and drive sales. The investment in influencer marketing is set to continue growing, in fact, it is projected to surpass $4 billion by next year in the US alone. However, as many marketers know, measuring the performance and proving the ROI of these types of programmes has been a major challenge.

Understanding performance through benchmarking

Typically marketers have used engagement metrics or Earned Media Value (EMV) as measurement, but those fail to provide guidance on what elements are creating an effective programme. On the other hand, benchmarking how your brand performs against competitors amongst influencers in your market, can teach you which campaigns, strategies, and influencers drive the most ROI.

Traackr’s new Beauty Leaderboard app does just this by tracking the total number of activated influencers, posts, and engagements for each beauty brand. It also utilises Traackr’s VIT Score which measures the visibility, impact, and brand trust your brand earns among influencer generated content. The app, provided free of charge, provides a snapshot of the type of insights Traackr provides within its influencer marketing platform.

How to use the Leaderboard app

See where your brand ranks on the leaderboard by scrolling or searching for it, click on your brand name to dive into your full profile and metrics. At this moment you can filter the leaderboard by the US, UK, and French markets.

The Leaderboard has five filters to help you get a quick view of the beauty brands rankings:

  • Top performing brands: the beauty brands that are performing the best in influencer content.
  • Trending brands: the beauty brands that have seen the largest changes in VIT over the prior month.
  • Most mentioned brands: the beauty brands with the most influencer mentions last month.
  • Highest post efficiency: the beauty brands that earn the most VIT per influencer mention.
  • Highest influencer loyalty: the beauty brands that have the highest mention frequency per influencer. The more mentions per influencer, the stronger the advocacy you earn from that person.
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