Trend colours for cosmetics: How to wow with extraordinary effects

Published: 4-Aug-2020

Where is the colour trend for cosmetics heading in the autumn and winter of 2021/22, will consumers prefer brightly coloured or more reservedly elegant? Join us on a journey into the colder but still colourful seasons of the year.

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are falling, the leaves are changing - no doubt, autumn is just around the corner. We love to snuggle up at home but also to take a walk in the brightly colored nature.

We captured this abundance of orange, red, green, and brown in our trend topic Autumn Avenue. This colour variety is created by our Syncrystal pearlescent pigment range.

Characterised by their strong pearl effect and powerful shine, the new Syncrystal Supernova Orange and Supernova Red play an important role in this trend colour concept.

Now think of snow-covered mountains, snowflakes, skiing – welcome to our trend colour topic Winter Wonderland, to the magic of a frozen nature and its mysterious glow!

This concept focusses on colours with a metallic shimmer from champagne to snowy blue. Our effect pigments of choice are Syncrystal, rounded off with VISIONAIRE pigments for strong brilliance.

Synafil S in combination with Claytone-VP V XR makes it possible to formulate talc-free eye shadows. Garamite-7308 XR in the lipstick prevents pigment settling and improves temperature stability.

After our in-depth relaxation in the snow, let us change the scene and dive deep into the busy streets of New York City at night! Our trend colour theme New York Nights is inspired by ice skating in Central Park, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and a tour of Times Square.

With shades of purple, green and blue, the trend New York Nights is interpreted in a glamourous but also innovative way. This becomes especially evident when Mirage and Syncrystal pigments are mixed, resulting in our latest premiere: Mirage Holo Magic.

This new pigment provides a rainbow shimmer on your skin. Additives like claytone, opigel and tixogel help to refine product features like rheological behavior, spreadability and stability.

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