UK organic beauty sales exceed £16m last year

Recent figures by the Soil Association revealed that the industry has grown by 13% and almost half of consumers are looking for an organic certified symbol

Organic beauty sales are up by 13%, according to new figures by the Soil Association.

The UK certifier's Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market Report reveals that sales of certified organic and natural beauty products increased to to £16.2m last year.

Soil Association certified beauty brands are also on the up, increasing 22% to 268 licensees since 2016.

The growth is attributed to a general growth of consumer interest in health and wellbeing, with 43% of people surveyed saying they looked for a certification logo when shopping for organic cosmetics.

According to the report, Denmark and Australia are the major social media influencers when promoting wellbeing.

The Soil Association claims the trends for 2017 include beauty products containing extracts from unusual food ingredients, like cactus and maple, due to the growing ethical consumer-base favouring ingredients from food or plant sources which are easier to identify.

Consumers are also looking for an increased brand transparency following on from a high level of scrutiny of beauty products’ ethical and sustainable sourcing credentials.

The organic market's growth is predicted to continue as the trend extends to target men, children and parents.

“2017 is set to be another year of consecutive growth for the Beauty and Wellbeing sector,” said Lauren Bartley, Health & Beauty Business Development Manager at Soil Association Certification.

“There is a small but growing range of certified products on offer in health food retailers and with very few mainstream retail outlets stocking organic, this presents a huge opportunity for 2017 and beyond.”