UV stickers offer sunscreen reminder

Published: 19-May-2015

Sunburn Alert stickers monitor sun exposure

Sunburn Alert has created a new device for monitoring sun exposure – Sunburn Alert UV Measuring Stickers. The stickers come in a range of designs and colours and are available from international retailers including Amazon and Walmart.

Designed for both children and adults, the stickers are activated by applying sunscreen and measure UV and UVB exposure, changing colour to indicate when it's time to reapply sunscreen or seek shade. The innovation could help remind consumers to keep reapplying their sunscreen regularly and reassure parents that their children are staying safe in the sunshine. The water-proof stickers transition from white to bright blue when activated and then gradually turn lighter blue to advise when it is time to reapply sunscreen. Eventually, the sticker will change to yellow, meaning the wearer has reached their maximum sun exposure for the day.

Andrew Levine, CEO of Sunburn Alert told Cosmetics Business News "Skin cancer doesn't care about what sort of skin you have, what increases your risk is getting burned. These stickers help prevent that. We've created these products to indicate risk based on type 1 skin – the most at risk of burning – because children's skin is very sensitive, so they are safe for everyone to use."

The stickers are designed to mimic the skin and can be used in any temperature and for activities including swimming and sports. Sunburn Alert also reminded users to follow the exact directions provided with sunscreens. The company also produces UV wristbands and has plans for new products development in 2016.

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