Unbottling beauty the journey to minimal environmental impact hair care

Published: 9-Jun-2021

In the hair care industry, beautiful and often iconic plastic bottles are a carefully crafted part of manufacturers’ brand identities. Packaging can boldly communicate the benefits of the product in-store, in our homes and as part of our daily routines.

Traditional liquid formats however are at odds with conscious consumers and regulators who desire more sustainable habits and lifestyles. In addition to plastic packaging, synthetic ingredients and the carbon production from shipping are also cited as unsustainable.

Switching to more environmentally-conscious purchasing habits is a challenging journey for the consumer who still value experience and performance over sustainability.

With Ashland’s unbottling beauty™ hair care formulations, Ashland offers a series of solid formats for shampoos, conditioners, 2-in-1s and styler formulations. These products provide a user experience and performance at the level of a masstige or salon water-based product.

Unbottling beauty™ nourishing oils (conditioning bar and styler)
These super-concentrated hair care formulations harness the natural power of plant oils. Based on butters and oils such as shea and argan, these formulations deliver outstanding results from a compact package.

Unbottling beauty™ deeply cleansing/deeply caring (shampoo and conditioner)
These super-concentrated shampoos and conditioner bars provide the yin and yang of mild, but deep cleansing, and caring conditioning to leave your hair deeply delightful.

Unbottling beauty™ 2-in-1 (conditioning shampoo)
This super-concentrated formulation combines steps in the hair care process to save water and energy.

Ashland is looking to start a conversation with you about unbottling beauty™ and our line of market-ready concept formulations. Let us help you solve and minimise the impact of our industry’s products.

For more information, contact us at www.ashland.com/ubb and let’s keep the conversation going.

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