Univar to unveil personalised skin care and colour cosmetics

Published: 24-Feb-2015

Univar promises a range of brightly coloured cosmetics and personalised cosmetics in 2015

Univar plans to reveal a range of highly personalised, brightly coloured cosmetics, as well as texture-driven skin care and make-up formulations at In Cosmetics 2015, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, April 14-16. The new collection will be part of Univar's “Mastering the art of texture” campaign that aims to provide skin care and cosmetics tailored for individuals according to preference.

The company based the campaign on the results of research into "differing skin care and make up requirements of women from a range of socio-groups" according to Univar. "We will showcase more than 15 formulations at this year’s in-cosmetics," said Univar's Abigail Dillon. "Each emerging woman will be associated to 5 products: skin care and make-up. The target is to surprise our customers."

For example, one of three new make-up remover products is a three-layer system. "Nowadays we find mainly bilayer make-up remover," notes Dillon. "Our material not only removes dirt and makeup, but we also included actives in order to bring additional benefits with use of the material, such as reduction of eye bags." Two other make-up removers include a jelly to remove long lasting make-up, and a clear remover that has a milky texture when the skin is rinsed.

Univar, a leading global chemical distributor of industrial and specialty chemicals, recently announced a new partnership with US-based company Impact Colors, which delivers a range of colour effects and visual solutions to the global cosmetic and personal care markets. Univar Colour specialises in developing colours for toiletries and cosmetics, including edicol water and oil soluble dyes, cogilor organic and inorganic pigments and customer-specific iron oxide blends.

Working with suppliers to meet the formulation needs of each group, the company developed the products at its Personal Care laboratories for research and formulation.

The company's partners in the Daringly Beautiful campaign, including Dow Personal Care, Kao Chemicals and Kao Fragrances, Dow Corning, Lambiotte, Vevy, Kemin, Impact Colors, Univar Colour, Akema, Naturex, PCCA, Kraton and Sekisui were just a few of the companies involved in the collaboration. Ingredients used include:

•    Ethocel ethylcellulose polymers from Dow Personal Care, which can be used to thicken oil phase components in cosmetic products and are free from nanomaterial.
•    Rosamox, a natural antioxidant from Kemin’s sustainably grown rosemary that provides skin conditioning and skin soothing benefits.
•    Dow Corning's EL-7040 Hydro Elastomer Blend: by adding a PEG-12 functionality to a silicone elastomer cross-linked with a PPG-20 chain, it is "possible to incorporate a high level of water, with or without other polar ingredients, into an elastomer gel structure while maintaining the gel texture and sensory benefits," according to Dillon.

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