What it’s really like to work as a male beauty influencer

By Sarah Parsons 21-Aug-2017

Cosmetics Business gets up close and personal with leading male beauty influencers, talent agents and brands to uncover why it’s fast becoming big business

Zoella and Fleur de Force may have brought beauty vlogging to the mainstream, but the growth of the male beauty industry (worth close to $50bn last year) and younger customers shunning gender norms means male beauty influencers are big business.

While men have always been in the beauty industry, these young millennials have found a huge online fanbase and companies are finally paying attention.

Earlier this year CoverGirl named James Charles as its first ‘CoverBoy’, and Maybelline hired Manny Gutierrez as its first male face.

What happens behind the Instagram filter?

Cosmetics Business speaks to male bloggers shaking up the beauty industry, the brands that are hiring them and the talent agents representing them to discover the secrets of the new booming male influencer sector.

The Bloggers

Ed Lemont, The Discerning Man | Chris Calvert, Desert Island Skin

Ed Lemont

Ed Lemont

Why did you start your blog?

EL: I was always that guy who was passionate about telling friends when I’d discovered new grooming products or fashion brands.

I wanted to create a platform to share this passion and 16 months ago, I decided to go for it.

CC: From an early age I’ve been interested in beauty and the ingredients in products.

I was sharing my formulation knowledge with friends and family but wanted to have this conversation and share my industry insight with people on a wider scale.

Why is the number of male beauty influencers growing?

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EL: Men looking for ...

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